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Ruben Alves was born on 9th January 1980 in Paris. French-Portuguese actor and director, he is well-known for his feature film La Cage Dorée (“The Gilded Cage”) (2013), which won the People’s Choice Award at the European Film Awards, was nominated for a César in the Best First Feature Film category, and for the People’s Choice and Best Actress awards at the Alpe d’Huez Festival. A genuine popular success, this comedy about an immigrant Portuguese couple in France, torn by the possibility of a highly-anticipated return to their native country, saw over 1.2 million admissions in France and has enjoyed much success internationally too.

Theatrically trained, in 2001 Ruben Alves made his on-screen debut in the short film La Vie sans secret de Walter Nions directed by Hugo Gélin, with whom he went on to co-direct his own first short film A l’abri des regards indiscrets (2002).

Ruben Alves has appeared on television, in Le Juge est une Femme (2005), Clara Sheller (2005) and Empreintes Criminelles (2010).

He has also appeared on-screen in the films Pédale Dure (2004), Un Truc dans le Genre (2005), Secret Défense (2008) and even alongside Pierre Niney and Guillaume Gallienne in Yves Saint-Laurent by Jalil Lespert (a 2017 panel member). More recently, he starred in Demain tout commence (2016) alongside Omar Sy.  

Today, Ruben Alves has a production company in Portugal, Imagina Produçoes, at which he produces various documentaries and dramas.

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