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Amber Heard

Amber Heard is an actress and activist whose passion for enriching lives continues from the screen to real life. Originally from Texas, Heard moved to Los Angeles at 17 years old and soon made her feature film debut in Friday Night Lights. Heard went on to gain national attention in the film Pineapple Express, and later starred in films like The Joneses, and Zombieland.

Continuing to progress in her now over 15-year long career, Heard starred in projects like Drive Angry, and 3 Days to Kill. In 2015, she appeared in The Danish Girl, and Magic Mike XXL. Heard made her debut as Mera in the Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Justice League, in 2017. She will reprise the role in the forthcoming Aquaman, an adaptation of the popular comic book, to be released in December of 2018. Heard’s other upcoming films include Her Smell, and Gully.

With nearly 50 credits as an actress, Heard uses her platform to advocate for human rights issues as an activist and philanthropist. In 2003, Heard started working with The Art for Elysium, which introduced her to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. A longtime supporter of women’s rights and a prominent voice in the LGBTQ community since 2006, Heard actively involves herself with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, and Equality Now. In partnership with Amnesty International, Heard has traveled to the Mexican border to provide humanitarian aid as a translator, and in 2018, she went on a mission to Jordan with the Syrian American Medical Society to visit and provide support to Syrian refugees.

Continuing to expand her spheres of influence, Heard recently became L’Oréal’s newest Global Spokesperson and works to spread their mantra that all women are “worth it.” As a Human Rights Champion of the United Nations Human Rights Office, Heard continues to use her voice gained as an actress to champion human rights for all.

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