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Jurado de 2019

Hugo Becker

«Being an actor is a child’s dream, that of having several lives.»

At 32, Hugo Becker has already experienced many lives of fiction. From childhood, he has kept a passion for Walt Disney cartoons and an irresistible taste for comedy. While his parents did not encourage his inclination for the theater, the young man secretly succeeded the entry exam for the Lille’s Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. He continued his apprenticeship at the Cours Florent and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, in London.

In 2010, he participated in Talents Adami Cannes operation, which launched his career and attracted the attention of an American agent. Hugo Becker thus went to the United States to play Prince Louis Grimaldi in the Gossip Girl series (2010-2012), then starred in Damsels in distress by Whit Stillman (2012), alongside Greta Gerwig and Adam Brody. He then joined the BBC series, Commodity, thriller for which he underwent intense physical preparation to embody a football star involved in a terrorist case (2014). But it is his role as a young person in reintegration in the series Chefs (2014-2016) which made him known to the French public. He interpreted a spy in Au Service de la France (2015-2017), a young political wolf in Baron Noir (2016-2018) and recently, the creator of a futuristic dating app in Osmosis (2019), broadcasted on Netflix.

Always faithful to this dream of having several lives, he simultaneously works abroad, and also speaks Spanish. He held one of the main roles of the series Bajo Sospecha (2016), that of an infiltrated cop, with Yon Gonzalez and LLuis Homar.

The actor does not neglect his first love and often treads the boards, performing in La Nuit juste avant les forêts de Koltès staged by Paul-Émile Fourny (2016) and Laurent Seksik’s Le Cas Eduard Einstein directed by Stéphanie Fagadau (2019). He also went on film directing, with two short films and clips for Marina Kaye and Damien Saez.

This winter, Hugo Becker was performing in cinematographic works, among which Xavier Durringer’s Paradise beach and Mohamed Hamidi’s Jusqu’ici tout va bien. He is currently in preparation for Paul WR’s part, the fugitive astronaut of Dernier voyage de Paul WR, a film by Romain Quirot, whose eponymous short film had been pre-Oscared. He will play alongside Jean Reno, Philippe Katerine, Alban Lenoir, Bruno Lochet, Jean-Luc Couchard…

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