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Maurice Barthélemy

Maurice Barthélémy attends the course of Isabelle Nanty where he meets the future troupe Imperial Green Rabbit Company which includes Marina Foïs, Jean-Paul Rouve, Élise Larnicol, Pascal Vincent and Pierre-François Martin-Laval. Renamed the Robins des Bois, the six accomplices are spotted by Dominique Farrugia who invites them to La Grosse Émission, broadcasted on Comédie. Their offbeat humor is a hit and their growing success got them to be hired on Canal+.  On the set of Nulle part ailleurs, their wacky sketches and their acerbic humor are something new and their weekly program La Cape et l’épée is acclaimed by the audience.

In parallel of television, Maurice Barthélémy acts in the films Serial Lover by James Huth, Traffic d’influence and La Stratégie de l’échec by his friend Farrugia and Olivier Dahan’s Le Petit Poucet. After Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopâtre, Alain Chabat reunites the 6 Robins des Bois in the prehistoric comedy RRRrrr!!! Maurice made his directorial debut with Casablanca Driver in which he takes the role of the worst boxer ever. Then, he turns to a different register with the emotional Road movie Papa, with Alain Chabat, Martin Combe and Yaël Abecassis.

After that, he goes back to acting in Pierre-François Martin-Laval’s Essaye-moi and Judith Godrèche’s Toutes les filles pleurent. His movie Low Cost then comes out in which he mistreats with delight his friends Jean-Paul Rouve, Gérard Darmon and Judith Godrèche in a nightmarish flight. Follows Pas très normales activités with Norman Thavaud, stéfi Celma and Rufus, a parody inspired by the thriller franchise Paranormal Activity. He joins afterward the cast of the Sci-Fi movie Uchronia, directed by Christophe Gofette and the cast of the Tuche, directed by Olivier Baroux.

His fifth feature film, Les Ex, comes out in theaters in June 2017. This comedy reunites Patrick Chesnais, Jean-Paul Rouve, Claudia Tagbo, Baptiste Lecaplain, Stéfi Celma, and Arnaud Ducret. On the small screen, Maurice acts in the TV series H. and Faut-il?, broadcasted on Canal+. He directs Peplum for M6 with Jonathan Lambert and Julie Ferrier. On stage, he takes roles in plays from Arthur Schnitzler, Roland Topor, Marivaux, Dino Buzzati, the Marx Brothers, Roland Dubillard, J.R.R. Tolkien and Alexandre Dumas.

He is also behind the script of the play J’ai passé ma vie à chercher l’ouvre-boîtes, staged by Claude Aufaure at the Theatre du Rond-Point in 2012.

Finally, Maurice Barthélémy is a member of the CNC’s commission of the Internet video creators’ funds.

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