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act NOW on climate change

Jurado de 2019

Nicolas Meyrieux

Originally from Grenoble in France, Nicolas leaves his native mountains behind him and moves in Paris at the age of 22.

While entering the Cours Florent, he starts doing stand-up shows in various cafe-theaters, bars and comedy clubs to gain experience on stage.

The film «Oceans» is the trigger that made him aware of the climate situation we are in, and it made him want to talk about it in his first show in June 2012. He then writes the script of his second show “In what world do we live?”. This committed stand-up show points fingers to the absurdities of our society. He will play it more than 400 times before his last performance at the Theater Treviso, sold out in June 2017.

In parallel, he launches his show «The Beard» on YouTube: addressing sociological, economic and especially ecological issues in a humorous way. «The Beard» will be broadcast on France Info and has millions of views on the Internet.
After doing stand-up comedy for 5 years, he sets himself a new challenge by writing his first solo on stage: “State of play” – a social satire on our thermo-industrial civilization.

Today, Nicolas left Paris to live in the Landes to build an autonomous and resilient ecovillage, his biggest dream.

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