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Júri 2018

Maxime Delauney

Maxime Delauney is a Business School graduate and has a Master of Arts from the London Business School.

In July 2003, he founded the company Azzurri alongside Sébastien Pillet and Pierre-Olivier Madelaine to advise organisers of sporting and cultural events. 

Dominique Besnehard, who had just chaired the panel of a student film festival he had organised in Rennes, spotted him and offered him an internship at Artmedia. After that, he held a number of various roles at EuropaCorp (studio management, production assistant), Marathon (supervising children’s TV series’) and then returned to Dominique Besnehard who he helped to found the company Mon Voisin Productions. 

From 2005 to September 2008 he worked at Mon Voisin Productions as film production assistant for Dominique Besnehard’s company. He helped to create the first festival dedicated to French films in France, the Film Francophone Angoulême, in 2008, alongside Marie-France Brière and Dominique Besnehard. 

In September 2008, he joined VMA, a booking agency, where he worked alongside Bertrand de Labbey in the music division. There, he represented various singers and songwriters including Charlotte and Lulu Gainsbourg, Alex Beaupain, Nicolas Rey, Sinclair, Pierre Souchon, Alexis Rault, Marie- Amélie Seigner, Tom Graffin, Patrice Maktav, Jean-Michel Bernard, Alexandre Azaria, Beat Assailant, Jacques Higelin, Petula Clark and Sylvie Vartan. 

He also represented several screenwriters and directors, such as Stéphanie Murat, Frédéric Tellier, Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid), Valentin Potier, Nicolas Rey, Victoria Kaario, Nicolas Duval and Julien Paolini. 

In September 2009, he joined the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma, then the World Soundtrack Academy in September 2010. 

In February 2012, he left VMA and founded Nolita Cinema with Romain Rousseau to produce feature-length and short films.

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