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9 films awarded

How to participate?

Submit your films before Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 23:59 GMT

Step 1: make your film


Topic: Stand Up 4 Human Rigths
Read and be inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to write your script.


your film with a mobile or tablet device.
The sound can be recorded separately.


Special effects, shot sequencing, etc.
Enjoy the thrill of creating your own film.
Golden rule: 1 minute maximum, including credits!
! All music must be royalty free. Please do not embed any subtitles
into your film.

Step 2: register your film

Submit your film

Complete the registration form and
upload your film to
! before Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 23:59 GMT

The file name of your film should not include
any special characters.


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Step 3: subtitle your film

If you indicated on your registration form that your film contained dialogue and/or text that needs subtitling, please complete the following steps:

Log into

We’ve created a free account for you on
Your film will be available within 48 hours of your registration.
Log in with the
details sent to you by email.


your film in the language of the film itself.
(e.g. subtitles should be in French if the actors are speaking
French) before Sunday
14 October 2018 at 12:00 GMT.

Step 4: announcement of the results & online festival

Official selection

Announcement of the official selection for the 14th edition of the Mobile Film Festival Tuesday 6 November 2018 50 films competing

Make some noise!

The festival will be online from 6 November
to 27 November 2018.

It's all down to you to win
the audience award!

Award ceremony

Award ceremony in Paris in December 2018.

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