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act NOW on climate change


by Gonzague Legout

Climate change. We hear about it. We see it happening. But still, some people don't do anything about it.

Director : Gonzague Legout
Producer : Christina Vieira
Camera operator : Gonzague Legout
Video editor : Nathan Trompas
Sound mixer : Julien Glabs
Color correcting : Nathan Trompas

Palmarès 2019

French Grand Prize
SCREAM by Gonzague Legout
Grant : 20 000 €
International Grand Prize
Wallet by Fatima Nofely
Grant : 20 000 €
Best Director Award
antIhuman by Vinamra Pancharia
Grant : 3 000€
Best Screenplay Award
Vacation by Chris Axworthy and Robert Peacock
Grant : 3 000€
Special mention
Statement by David Murad
Spotlight Award
PLASTIC TREASURES by Precious Iroagalachi
Award for Best Actor / Actress
#EVERYTHING IS FINE by Matthieu Boivineau
Extra Court Award
How Dare You! by Samphe Ballamingie
Audience Award
The Red Days by Anatole Levilain-Clément

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