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Once upon a time

by Thibault Castan

A little girl plays with her father in her room. It stages the game of the princess prisoner-in-a-donjon-guarded-by-monster and the knight. The father lends himself to the game and unfolds the scenarios he knows, but the little girl makes him understand that the rules have changed.

Director : Thibault Castan
Actor/ess : Samuel Roger
Actor/ess : Mila Roger
Color correcting : Pierre-Olivier Albre
Music : Samuel Boyer
Screenwriter : Thibault Castan
Screenwriter : Samuel Roger
Head cameraman : Thibault Castan

Prize list 2020

International Grand Prize
Career Path by Alisa Tritenko
Grant : 20 000€
French Grand Prize
A New Page by Christabel Desbordes and Benjamin Clavel
Grant : 20 000€
Screenplay Award
The Bride by F.Clay Ejeh
Grant : 3000€
Director Award
Divar (The Wall) by Farideh Naderi
Grant : 3000€
Jury Coup de Coeur
#FreeTheNipples by Florence Fauquet
Best Actress Award
Not Your Tropical Girl by Limuy Asien
Best Actor Award
Once upon a time by Thibault Castan
L’Extra Court Award
From Maria, by Ana Moreira
Grant : 700€
Audience Award
After you by Lionel Nakache


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