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Mobile Film Festival - Making Peace with Nature

Scopri i vincitori!


You might find the answer to your question below! If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our team.

Artistic aspects

What can I film with?

You can film with a mobile phone or a tablet. You can use accessories such as a microphone, stabiliser, filters, removable lenses, etc.

Can I use accessories?

Yes, you can use accessories such as microphones, stabilisers, filters, removable lenses, etc.


1 minute maximum, including credits.


With this new theme, we would like to invite you to address the issues of climate change, environment, pollution,… More broadly, we would like to address the question of our link as humans with the nature that surrounds us and of which we are a simple element. This obviously concerns the plant and animal world. Be inventive, creative, as you do so well every year. Offer us films with original angles and don’t be afraid to tackle all the issues. Feel free to express yourself!

Film genre

All audio-visual forms are accepted: fiction, documentary and all genres, too: romance, horror, science-fiction, western, drama, period, thriller, Z movie, comedy, action, war film, etc., as well as stop-motion, time lapse, etc.

Can I enter an animated film?

Films using motion-capture techniques and/or special effects added during editing are more than welcome, as long as the images themselves were filmed using a mobile/tablet device. Unfortunately, films comprising only graphic animations without any live action are not permitted.

Can I show a brand on-screen?

Not explicitly, but in the urban landscape there are many brands and it is not forbidden to use them in the image.

Can several people be involved in making the film?

Yes. The entry form allows you to list all members of your team and their role on page 3, including any co-producers and directors.

Can I use pre-existing music?

Yes and no. If you want to use any music in your film, you must hold the appropriate rights or have been authorised to use it by the author or its rights holders. You may be required to prove this, if requested by our team. There is, however, lots of royalty-free music available for you to use. For example, you can take a look at the YouTube audio library.

Can I enter more than one video into the competition?

Yes, you can enter as many films as you like, free of charge. However, only one film per director can be shortlisted for the competition. When registering more than one film, please use the same username, email address and password for each one.

Registering for the Mobile Film Festival

Is it possible to sign up anonymously?

We understand that the theme of the competition and the way in which it may be addressed in certain films could put directors in danger. Therefore, we’re giving you the option to create a pseudonym, which will be used if you’re officially selected. However, we do ask that you include your real identity on the registration form (first name, surname, address, email address and phone number); this information will remain entirely confidential and can only be seen by the Mobile Film Festival team.

What kinds of video files do you accept?

MP4 and MOV files, 200MB max.

I can’t access page 2 of the form, what should I do?

Please use another email address and change your username. The issue could be related to your browser. Please try again using a different browser. If that still doesn’t work, please contact our team (, attaching screenshots of the error messages you’re seeing.

I made a mistake when filling out the form (incorrect information, wrong video file, etc.), what should I do?

Don’t panic! Simply get in touch with our team ( and tell them your full name, the title of your film, the email address you used when registering and the issue. Our team will get back to you as quickly as possible telling you what to do next.

I haven’t received confirmation of my entry.

You should receive an email after submitting the online form. This may take a few hours. If you still haven’t received anything 24 hours after registering and have checked your junk folder, please contact our team: . We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Subtitling your film on Dotsub


Subtitling in the film’s original language is compulsory for any films that include dialogue, title cards, voiceover or any inscriptions necessary for understanding the story. Please note: do not embed any subtitles in your film! You should add them via our partner,, when registering. We will create a free Dotsub account for you when you register your film. You will receive your login details automatically by email, allowing you to subtitle your film for free in just a few minutes using Dotsub. Do not upload your film to Dotsub yourself, otherwise your registration will not be validated by our team.

My film already has subtitles, what should I do?

We cannot accept any films with embedded subtitles. You must create or import any subtitles via our partner Once you have completed your registration form, you will receive your login details automatically by email, allowing you to subtitle your film for free in just a few minutes.

I already have a Dotsub account, can I use it to subtitle my film?

Yes. If you already have a Dotsub account, please let us know via the registration form (page 1), including the username, email address and password linked to your account. Your film will be automatically available on your Dotsub account within around 72 hours. You’ll receive an email when your film is available on Dotsub.

I have already participated in the Mobile Film Festival.

In this case, please use the same username and password you used in the year you entered. If you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can reset them here:

My short film doesn’t require subtitling (film without dialogue or voice-over, no dialogue cards, no credits, without any inscriptions necessary to properly understand the story), is my registration complete?

Yes. Once you have completed the entry form, you will receive an email confirming your registration or explaining how to add your subtitles on Dotsub, if your film needs to be subtitled.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email after creating my subtitles on Dotsub, is this normal?

Yes, because we have to process a large volume of films manually in a few days and therefore we cannot always confirm to each of you that we have received the subtitles. However, please note that if we encounter a problem, we will contact you.

Official selection

When will the selection be announced?

The official selection will be announced on our website on November 2, 2021.

How many films will be selected?

50 films will be selected.

Where can the official selections be viewed?

The films of the official selection will be visible on our website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts from November 2, 2021.


The awards

As every year, the jury will award several prizes to some of you. Some of these prizes include production grants and writing grants for a short film. The money will be given to an established producer who will be responsible for the financial and final outcome of the film. The winners will be able to choose the producer they wish to work with, in agreement with the Mobile Film Festival organisers. If they do not know a producer, we will put them in touch with producers in their country.

The Audience Award

The Audience Award will be granted by SensCritique to the film that will obtain the best score on the website at the end of the online Film Festival, on November 30, 2021.


The official selection and awards do not imply the approval of the partners.

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