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Founded in 2005 by Bruno Smadja, the Mobile Film Festival is an international Festival of short films, based on a unique and original format : 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

Our aim: discover and support talented filmmakers from the all over the world.

Smartphones offer accessibility for anyone anywhere, our festival pretends to be a democratic and equalitarian. Our 1 minute format is very selective and competitive. The combination of the 2 is a chance to discover talented filmmakers.

The Mobile Film Festival is a digital festival from the beginning, thus aiming at reaching the largest audience. Yet, its short and creative format, as well as the technical quality of the films, enable broadcasting of the films on all screens: smartphones, computers, TVs, cinema theaters…

Since 2015, the Mobile Film Festival received 5721 film entries from 151 countries, generated 134 million views and distributed €310,000 grants for production !

The Mobile Film Festival has also committed to major social issues in partnership with the United Nations, Climate Change through 2 editions in 2015 and 2019 for the COP 21 and COP 25, one edition in 2018 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in partnership with UN Human Rights and in 2020 with UN Women during an edition topic “Women’s Empowerment”.

In 2020, we launched the first Mobile Film Festival Africa, which was open exclusively to filmmakers living in Africa. This first panafrican edition was a success with 497 films submitted from 38 countries of the continent. The official selection composed of 51 films from 23 countries generated 14,3 million views.

In the following months, we plan a new international edition to stand against racism and a 2nd edition in Africa.

Disclaimer: The official selection and awards do not imply endorsement by the partners


This year, Mobile Film Festival is inviting directors from all over the World to create a film according to the following simple principle: 1 Mobile – 1 Minute – 1 Film.
1 Topic: Women’s Empowerment.

Call for films: end of August – 20 October 2020
Online Festival: 12 November – 3 December 2020
Award ceremony: 7 December 2020



Mobile Film Festival is a short film festival dedicated to young directors from all over the World.
It is based on a simple guiding principle: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

The goal is to discover young directors in the making, helping them create opportunities, giving them visibility on an international scale, and supporting them in becoming professionals by rewarding them with financial support for film production.



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