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The pedigree

из Ali Pourahmadian и Artin Salahvarzi

A boy has lost his father. After burying him, he meets a stranger who gives him a seed to plant. The stranger and the boy are actually the same person, and the cemetery becomes a beautiful forest. He brings his father back to life in the form of a tree.

Director(a) : Ali Pourahmadian
Guionista : Ali Pourahmadian
Asistente de dirección : Niusha Nasimpour
Co-director(a) : Artin Salahvarzi
Actor/Actriz : Mazir Saki
Actor/Actriz : Abtin Rastegar
Actor/Actriz : Reza Ghlamabasi
Actor/Actriz : Mania Rastegar
Actor/Actriz : Amin Rastegar
Actor/Actriz : Ahmad Roshani
Actor/Actriz : Soroush Hemat


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