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Lovely Enemy

de Augusto Zirbes Stauder et Bruna Weber Correa

At first the abuse was verbal; screaming, yelling. She made excuses for him, thinking his jealous rampages were a sign of his uncontrollable passion and love for her. Then the first punch came. He threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. Her mind became a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. She tried to be perfect for him. She loved him. But the abuse continued... And she decided she would no longer allow herself to be a victim of his machismo anymore. And so she ran away.
This film portrays the reality faced by thousands of women, victims of domestic violence. In most cases, they become hostages of an abusive relationship and, many times, they can't escape it, for different reasons: threats, shame and even love. Even with the law Maria da Penha, which guarantees the protection of victims of domestic violence, the last data from the Brazilian annual report of Public Security shows that in Brazil, every two hours, a woman is murdered.

Réalisateur : Augusto Zirbes Stauder
Cadreur : Augusto Zirbes Stauder
Monteur : Augusto Zirbes Stauder
Comédien : Augusto Zirbes Stauder
Réalisateur : Bruna Weber Correa
Scénariste : Bruna Weber Correa
Comédien : Bruna Weber Correa
Voix-off  : Bruna Weber Correa

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