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Snow lion and the glaciologist

by Arun Bhattarai

One of Bhutan’s first glaciologists risks his life every year as he hikes for days through dangerous terrain to measure the rapidly receding glaciers of the Himalayas. In this journey he is conflicted between his job as a scientist and local belief that the mountains shouldn't be climbed.

Director : Arun Bhattarai
Camera operator : Arun Bhattarai
Video editor : Arun Bhattarai

Prize list edition 2021

Grand Prize
Atash by Asghar Besharati
Grant : 10.000€ ($11,700)
Special jury award
Color of the year by Alessandra Mazzaro
Visual award
The day you were born by Anna Jarosz
Documentary Award
Snow lion and the glaciologist by Arun Bhattarai
Grant : 5.000€ ($5,800)
Student Film Award
Wildfire tears by Vera Verhoef
Grant : 5.000€ ($5,800)
Comedy Award
Aren't they stupid by Rémi Lefebvre
Screenplay Award
نمیتونی پولتو بخوری by Kiarash Ardeshirpour
Grant : 3.000€ ($3,500)
Director Award
Lullaby by Filippo Ronca
Grant : 3.000€ ($3,500)
Actress Award
Oscar by Karine Durac
Actor Award
شجره نامه by Ali Pourahmadian and Artin Salahvarzi
L’Extra Court Award
Atash by Asghar Besharati
Grant : 700 € ($800)
Audience Award
Present for future by Shamir Raiapov
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